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Leverage emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Mixed Reality, NLP and IoT to gain an edge and make your business future-ready. At 10Pearls, we design transformational digital products and experiences that drive real business value so you can create innovative products faster and at scale.


As UK’s leading software development and digital services company, we help businesses unleash the value of their existing technology by re-architecting it for the future. We help modernize platforms and applications for high performance, better user experience, scale, and security.


Automate manual business processes and optimize the customer experience for better efficiency and engagement. From mobile app development to UI/UX design, QA and DevOps, to platforms like Salesforce and SharePoint, Data Analytics to Business Intelligence services, we develop and implement 360-degree intelligent digital solutions that drive productivity and growth.

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Extend your agile development teams with a high-performance partner. As UK’s Custom software development company, hire our top-notch developers, IT consultants, Project Managers, Architects and QA Engineers to deliver faster software development services and outpace the competition.

We are problem solvers. We help businesses think through challenges and reach their desired outcomes with efficiency and creativity.



Amwell (formerly Aviza), a leading provider of telehealth solutions that serves major hospitals, required a more efficient method to deploy software updates and improve their telehealth services to treat individuals in remote hospitals.​



The IoT-enabled solar panel monitoring solution boosted efficiency by quickly addressing underperforming panels, leading to increased energy production.

Predictive analytics enabled proactive maintenance, reducing downtime, while remote monitoring optimised resource allocation by minimising physical inspections.


Related Faces

A platform focused on connecting families across the globe needed advanced technology that could handle varying image quality and data density provided by users for face detection and feature recognition.



Our redesigning process included meeting with business owners across the United States, helping to form their strategy, and wireframing possible design directions.